Music for many is associated with small moments. A song that we love because it reminds us of our adolescence, another brings to mind a summer night out, a joyful rhythm that makes us up on the way to the office, a soft melody that accompanies us on the couch with a glass of red wine. Does this paragraph did you sleep standing up? Perhaps he describes an approach to music that causes drowsiness.

There are many people out there who have a huge passion for music. Not only singers, professional musicians, curators or otherwise involved with the music industry. Simple cases of people searching, discovering, listening, evaluating music, bands, trends, just because they like that. And they do it very often, and because they do from drudgery, have developed a very successful criterion. Some keep the results of this constant quest music for themselves and two or three friends. Others (we, here in Corfu Greece) share our passion with you and we want to do the same too. We are obsessed with a common denominator music.

Here we display music from the fields of alternative | indie scene not enjoy high visibility. Fortunately. Why is a systematic effort to collect anything new, anything that offers something new to the musical map. We listen, evaluate, recommend and play. And what we want from readers – our guests. A continuous two-way relationship fueled by the desire of musical treasures discovery. And fortunately, we will never stay without object.

So if you would like to become facilitators of this effort, and share your own musical impulses and not strictly limited to, the Bubbling Sounds is the place that will give you this opportunity, just contact us and to manifest your desire.